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Russian Tourists
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The arrival of the Russians in Goa really changed the scene for the better and worse. With a booming economy in Moscow, cheap flights opened up to Goa and hundreds of thousands of Russians started coming, outnumbering even the English package tourists.

Yet some Russian freaks have arrived, too and brought with them a whole new energy and youth to an aging scene. Unfortunately, not having experienced the parties of the old days, they've patronised the disco scene and brought a lot of first world vices with them.

Take any taxi motorbike in Goa and ask the driver what he thinks about the Russian girls and he'll say "very sexy!" and more. Russian girls go to the markets in bikinis, drive around in revealing outfits and basically do all they can to upset the conservative religious and cultural values of India. Either they don't know or they don't care - but in any case they look good, so we're not complaining.

And it's the sexy Russian girls who have injected new life into the night market and the flea market, buying up the clothes made by the merchant freaks and making it easier for travelers to make some money in Goa.


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